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I'm with blogger: The Party!

The 1st Athens Blogger Party is coming to get ya!
Wednesday, April 19
Club Barrio - Kerameikou 53
TheDrude will be there

Vague Tourist, the man with the masterplan, has all the info you may need.

+ The iblog team created the above poster


Να φέρεις τις αλκοολικές... :-Ρ

Yo! και σε σένα chaca-khan

V.T.: μα δεν κατάλαβες... είναι ήδη εκεί! :-P

Although I was never interested in hidden secrets and expositions...I have a thing: I like trying to understand who is the writer/publisher of every single blog I bump into...I would love to come to the party but unfortunately I will be out of town.
So, I guess I will continue trying to unblog the identities via the virtual substence!

P.S. I got u...

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